Container, Mobile Treatment Plants for Drinking and Technological Water

Container, Mobile Treatment Plants for Drinking and Technological Water 



Container, mobile water treatment plants are an optimum and highly flexible way of the fast obtaining of drinking water from wells, open resources, side and shore wells, sea and brackish water. They provide and ensure perfectly clean drinking water for permanent as well as emergency assurance of drinking water according to the strictest hygiene standards.


The container water treatment plants can be used also for water treatment in industrial applications [tertiary treatment of waste water, production of ultra-clean water …].


The water treatment systems are embedded in the ISO containers [10ft., 20ft. and 40ft.].


Each container treatment plant is a unique system proposed and manufactured according to the particular specification and requirements of the customer.




Drinking water treatment plant [16m³/hr]

A fully automatic system in the 40ft. container

Water from a well with a high content of salts

Including pre-filtration, chemical dispensing and a storage tank


Industrial waste water treatment plant [22m³/hr]

A fully automatic system in the 40ft. container.

Biological waste water treatment plant

Including aeration, chemical dispensing and tertiary final treatment





container-systems-for-drinking-water-treatment-img01.jpgContainer Systems for Drinking Water Treatment


The technology designed by our company, together with our experience and top-quality components which we use ensure that our customers receive a system with long-term and trouble-free operation with production of high-quality drinking water.


The container treatment plants are fully automated and guarantee a non-stop operation. They can be used for water supplies for as many as 5,000 people a day.


While designing our systems we take into consideration water analysis as well as all other information provided by the customer.


The treatment plants can be used for any water sources – wells, drill holes, river, side and shore wells, sea, contaminated water during natural disasters …



Basic components of technologies



Dosing Panels


Static Mixers




Media Filter


Control Unit



Basic technological description of drinking water treatment in the container






Drinking water treatment plant [8m³/hr]

Fully automatic system in a 40ft. container

Water source: well


Drinking water treatment plant [53m³/hr]

System with a manual rinsing in a 20ft. container

Water source: deep well





emergency-systems-for-drinking-water-treatment-img01.jpgEmergency Systems for Drinking Water Treatment


Universal systems for temporary supply of people with drinking water at natural disasters, for assurance of drinking water for defence forces …


Our treatment plants ensure supply with high-quality drinking water from a water source, no matter how contaminated it may be.


A part of the complete technology may be formed also by tapping of water into bags, PET bottles, sacks …



System of Drinking Water Production from Open Sources


  1)   Flexible Container Cover

  2)   Bottling Machine

  3)   Bottling Buffer 1m³ Tank 

  4)   Clarifier Stand

  5)   Centrifugal Clarifier

  6)   Raw Water Delivery Pump

  7)   Water Outlet Pipe Line

  8)   PLC Controller

  9)   Pressure Pump

10)   pH Controller

11)   Free Chlorine Analyzer

12)   Turbidity Meter

13)   Electronic Dosing Pump

14)   Chemicals Tanks

15)   Static Mixer

16)   Multi Media Sand Filter

17)   Active Carbon Media Filter

18)   Reservoir Inlet/Outlet Pipe Line

19)   100m³ Foldable Storage Tank

20)   RO Membrane System



System of Drinking Water Production from Sea Water








compact-systems-for-drinking-water-treatment-img01.jpgCompact Systems for Drinking Water Treatment


Compact systems are designed and assembled for treatment of a small water quantity from different sources so that they can ensure production of high-quality drinking water.


The system is able to supply 20m³ ~ 150m³ of treated water per day [depending on the size of the system].


The basic design feature of the system is its location on a special frame [pedestal]. This is a »plug & play« system which includes all necessary equipment and means for the drawing of raw water, its treatment and subsequent supply with high-quality drinking water. The compact system is intended for a fast installation and immediate start-up.


Small compact systems designed in a purposeful way are intended for water treatment in remote areas, in small towns, production plants, in the sites of temporary assemblies, camps and farms.




1. Upper Service Hole

2. Upper Water Diffuser

3. Drain

4. Membrane Valve

5. Flocculant Dosing Pump

6. Water Meter Electric Output Signal

  7. Chlorine Dosing Pump

  8. SA500 Semi-Automatic Filter

  9. Sand Separator

10. Raw Water Inlet Pump

11. Filter Element

12. Flush Water Pump

13. Gravel 3.1 - 5.6mm

14. Sand 0.8 - 1.2mm

15. Sand 0.5 - 0.8mm

16. Control Unit

17. Filter Body

18. Air Valve




If your request concerns a treatment plant for drinking or industrial water, installed in a container or a mobile treatment plant, please contact us and we will draw up, free of charge, a proposal for the most suitable solution for you, on the basis of a raw water analysis, required filtration capacity [m³/hr] and required quality of output water.



High Quality Water No Matter Where It Comes From

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